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June 2021 Newsletter
Upcoming Event:
Music Day in the Park
Sunday June 11th at 2pm
Bowne Park
32nd Ave & 159th Street

Bowne Park Pond & Plaza Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

& Our Newly Planted Tree

May 4th

Real Estate Taxes

Learn how your real estate taxes are determined and how to prevent changes to the system that will hurt you.

This 12-minute video by John Procida explains the whole history of assessing homes
and the Civic Associations’ efforts and solution that must be preserved.
Click on image or HERE to view video.

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Shady Tactics of Pet Stores Hidden from Buyers

A surprising number of people still don’t know that pet stores are bad places to acquire a dog—that they are, in fact, the harmless-looking, public face of a very shady and often cruel industry.”

  • Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills.
  • Fancy-sounding registrations are mostly meaningless sales tactics.
  • Payment plans are unethical and exploitive.

For more information, click HERE.

Gifting of Animals

Gifting of animals for holiday events or any other events is detrimental to animals and a responsibility that recipients don’t necessarily want. Many such ‘gifts’ are discarded because there is no interest in the animals or they are too difficult to take care of.

These animals are typically euthanized or dumped somewhere where they die because they cannot take care of themselves.

Please do not gift animals. They are living, sentient beings that need a lot of care and love.

For more information:

Deadly Results

Earlier this month, several guinea pigs were dumped in Prospect Park and left for dead.

Luckily someone willing to rescue them passed by to help. Without this person’s support, these animals would have frozen to death, starved to death, or would have been attacked by hawks circling above.

Guinea pigs depend on humans to survive.

Allowing guinea pigs to be purchased, unsterilized, from pet stores in the city leads to rapid reproduction and overflowing shelters struggling to keep up with the intake.

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